Concurrent Enrollment

Dual Credit Enrollment is handled through Navarro College.  Juniors and seniors have the ability to take dual credit courses.  The courses we offer for dual credit include the following:

HIST 1301 and 1302--U.S. History

ENGL 1301 and 1302--English 4

GOVT 2305--Government

ECON 2301--Economics

The history class is taught by BISD teacher Jill Henson.  The other classes are taught by Navarro professors.  These are hybrid courses, which means that the teachers come on campus on a biweekly basis and the students are required to do some of their work online, via Blackboard. 

There are fees associated with dual credit courses, which must be paid to Navarro College-Mexia each semester.  The contact person in Mexia is Mike Kaufmann (254-562-3848).  There are also books which must be purchased through Navarro. 

Students must have academic services coordinator permission to take these courses.  Sign up for fall courses is in May of the preceding school year and sign up for spring courses is in November of the school year.